Meta Analysis Publication Bias

Before meta-analysis, the studies were evaluated for publication bias and heterogeneity. Pooled relative risk (RR) estimates and 95% CIs were calculated using the random and the fixed-effects models.

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A recent meta-analysis investigates whether so-called forest bathing. Also, as the authors note, "publication bias cannot be excluded." In other words, a journal might be more inclined to publish a.

Publication bias refers to the fact that studies with less significant findings may be less publishable than those with positive outcomes; therefore, they would be unavailable for meta-analyses. For.

. (further details in meta-analysis section). When data were not available in the articles, we electronically contacted the authors in at least two separate occasions to provide additional data.

In addition, the subgroup analysis was conducted to further explore the association and strengthened the results. Moreover, the pooled results might be unbiased because no publication bias was.

Fourth, as a meta-analysis of published studies, potential publication biases may distort the results in either direction, however, no evidence for publication bias was observed. Finally, the presence.

Meta-analysis demonstrated significant heterogeneity and publication bias. Nearly all evidence of omega-3 benefit was removed after adjusting for publication bias using the trim-and-fill method (SMD=0.

Subgroup analysis, sensitivity analysis, and publication bias tests were. for inclusion in the meta-analysis, they had to fulfil the following criteria: (1) was an epidemiological investigation of.

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High heterogeneity, potential publication bias, predominant use of waitlist controls, and high or uncertain risk of bias of most trials question the reliability of these effects. Consequently, we.

We strictly followed our inclusion criteria, and therefore, we determined that the results did not suggest any publication bias. We applied a sensitivity analysis on our positive meta-analysis results.

The same two authors independently assessed the risk of bias. publication year, sample size and other factors were apparent, although the quality of the studies indicated their reliability.

Table 2: Meta-analysis of IL-23R polymorphisms in CD. Full size table The funnel plot asymmetry and Egger’s test were performed to assess potential publication bias. If there was asymmetry, the index.

References: Driessen, E., et al., 2015 Does Publication Bias Inflate the Apparent Efficacy of Psychological Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of US.

The shape of the funnel plot seemed symmetrical (Fig. 3), and the Begg’s test did not show a significant publication bias in the current meta-analysis (P = 0.142). These indicated that bias from.

The objective of this meta-analysis was to investigate the association between breastfeeding and the risk of childhood obesity. Funnel plots and Fail-safe N were used to assess publication bias and.

Design Systematic review and meta-analysis of quantitative studies. to investigate the independent association of cycling and CVD, this may explain the publication bias we found in our funnel plot.

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sidesteps substantial confirmation bias and untrustworthiness. On re-evaluation of the data post-publication, the authors found two additional errors. In the supplementary table the two RCTs from.

Moreover, indications for publication bias were found, and the quality of the studies varied considerably. The results of this meta-analysis show that positive psychology interventions can be.

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Besides the main voxel-based meta-analysis, several complementary analyses, such as jackknife sensitivity, heterogeneity, and publication bias analyses were performed to explore the robustness of the.