Dota Ti 2017 Meta Analysis

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Update, October 31: Dota 2 update 7.07 is now live. There’s not much else to be said. Dota 2 7.07, otherwise known as the Dueling Fates update, is now live. more extremely long analysis videos and.

Or, they are religious testers of the meta – but I’m not sure one would expect them to basically throw away a third of their group stage games “just for testing purposes” when there’s a threat of.

They used AR to project life-size heroes onto the stage on the screens and during the analysis sections. reigned in 6.87’s outliers and in doing so created the most open meta that Dota 2 has ever.

In 2017. performance in TI, despite a lower bracket fall early in the playoffs, is important in the manner of its enshrinement as International champion. Throughout the year, Team Liquid faced off.

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To begin with, the result of these TI 2018 qualifiers simply did not represent the highest tier of competitive DOTA with the lack of existence. However, we believe that the meta shift in the pro.

In the group stage, teams are likely to test out strategies and develop the meta throughout the competition. This time in the group stage of TI she already had a decent 53.7% win rate. In the main.

It focuses on analysis, reviews, and theories of a wide range of games. The prizes are nothing to be scoffed at either. The 2017 Dota 2 International had a total prize pool of over 24 million.

He’s the most bad-arse tree in video games and the lower bracket finals at this year’s International showed everything that makes the hero one of Dota’s best. but yesterday they triumphed at TI,

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Congratulations to Team Secret to getting the major championship and the secure spot at TI. The 7.20 meta is a little too stale and have a very low pick rate in the group stage, expecting many nerfs.

We are adding some more stats and hope they help in the analysis. K+A / D helps to check the impact. Alchemist went from a TI final mid hero to out of meta by simply one nerf, which hurts his farm.

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For example, a team is playing good, winning games, then meta. luck. Dota is a game of an instant. I have often thought about this during the six month after I got kicked. A split second decides.

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